Monday, February 17, 2014

Slow-cooked pork ribs, broccoli, carrots and onions with garlic

The cook-up went well. My husband cut up all of the veg and I did all of the cooking. It took about 3 hours total of actual work between us. I didn't get to the sauces or muffins yet, but it is in the works for today or tomorrow.

We started out with me getting the ribs and roast in the oven to slow cook while Matt cut up the long list of veggies. About halfway through, I had to nurse and fix lunch for the other munchkins. When I was done, I cooked up all of the vegetables with the steam-sautee method. Then I got two burners going and grilled all of the chicken-- this was the most time consuming part.

Things I will do different next time-

  • We will both work at veggie prep on Saturday and have them ready to cook on Sunday.
  • I will get two burners going with the veggies to make this process even faster.
  • Peas. I forgot them this week.
  • More carrots and cabbage.
  • I will pound the chicken thighs flat to cut the cooking time and probably add white pepper to the seasoning.

It was tiring, and a pretty big job, but dinner took less than 20 minutes to make last night. This is going to help keep us away from take-out and reduce stress during the week. I am totally on board for next week.

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