Thursday, February 13, 2014

I had every intention of writing here, but suddenly everything felt so mundane and so unworthy of blogging. It seems that the kids and I have a routine. Maybe "rut" is more accurate.

We get up in the morning. Ry gets breakfast for herself and Sean-- usually waffles or muffins from the freezer. The kids watch something on PBS or Netflix, I drink my coffee and nurse the baby. The kids play or color until lunchtime.

I make lunch. After lunch is electronics play-time. The kids got iPad minis for Christmas. I loaded them up with educational games. Things that I thought would help the 4 year old learn his letter sounds, more about shapes, something. Do you know what he does? He plays Angry Birds and Bad Piggies. He is obsessed with them. My husband was getting frustrated with it. Shouldn't he be learning?

As we watched Sean play, we discovered something. He is really good at these games that use physics and invention to get to the finish line. He builds rocket and soda water propelled go-carts. He calculates and measures the arch for certain sized birds, accounting for weight and gravity, to hit in the exact place he needs to make a structure topple. He is learning about force, gravity and trajectory. Beyond the physics, he is learning to be persistent. Having a rough time and can't get your piggy over the hill? Keep trying!

Our older child is starting to gravitate away from electronics, which is somewhat surprising. I always thought that she was as much of a technophile as I am. After lunch most days, she gets out her scrapbook or her drawing supplies instead.  I am encouraging her to slow down and spend time telling her story on each of her scrapbook pages.When she does get on the computer, she enjoys BrainPop Jr. and building games on Scratch. When she says she is bored, I tell her to get out her Brain Quest workbooks, and those usually keep her busy for a couple of hours.

I think that my goal as the weather improves is to get out of our rut and get out of the house more.

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