Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome & Intro

Hello and Welcome! We are a family of five.

Mommy- 30 - Knitter, spinner, sometimes chef, former lab assistant, lifelong student. Likes reading and coffee.

Daddy- 30 - IT Consultant, gamer, LEGO builder extraordinaire.

Ry- 8 - Girly-girl, likes princesses, ponies, video games, drawing, coding. Dislikes "icky" things.

Sean- 4 - Beast. All boy. Loves playing Angry Birds and Bad Piggies, making up words, being gross. Dislikes anything green on his plate (Mommy frown).

Kell- Infant - Loves milk, keeping mommy up all night and silly noises.

You won't find us being hateful or negative about the way that others choose to school their children, nor will you find long winded posts about the theory of Unschooling and why it works. For that, I will direct you to John Holt and Sandra Dodd. What you will find here is simple: me, taking the time out to journal about what we are doing from day to day as an "unschooling" family and how it relates to learning...or not. This is simply us, being a family and learning from life.

Thank you for joining me in cataloging our unSchool Days!

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